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A concrete contractor Melbourne knows well about every trivial thing related to pavement striping. You may ask your contractor about the importance of parking lot and pavement painting or striping. There are many reasons for that.

Importance of Pavement Striping

Mostly, it is the safety you will be conscious of when you go outside of your home. You will look for signs where you can park your car, walk and drive your vehicle. Pavement striping helps control the traffic in every area, which reduces the rate of accidents. Besides, it can also expand the parking lot’s space and let the disabled chances to walk in a safe place. It is not easy for sick or disabled people to walk in the street. With the help of striping, they can go in specific directions. Now let’s check into the things you should consider before painting a pavement or parking lot:

Considerable Things About Painting a Pavement 

You plan to strip or paint the asphalt pavement in front of your office or commercial area. But before that, there are some essential things you should go for first. It will come to the benefit of many people.

Inspect Your Parking lot 

You want to paint your parking lot’s asphalt, and one fine morning you go there with paints directly; it does not work well. You should go to inspect the place once before you start stripping. There are cracks or holes in your parking lot, and you will apply paint there. It will be a waste of your time and money too. If there are issues like these, you need to fix them first by repairing the place.

Clean The Asphalt Properly 

Paints will not work well on garbage like sand, stone, gravel, dirt, or other objects. If one of them is present, the color will not sit on the asphalt. Whether you take assistance from an expert cleaner or do it yourself, you will have to clean the surface. Those who want to clean their place should utilize a power washer or a gas blower to clean all the dirt properly. In addition, there may be a crack under the dirt or spots of mud you have not seen earlier. You will get a chance to fix them all together before you start painting your place.

Try To Keep the Asphalt Dry till Painting 

Applying paints in a wet place will spread out or not last long even after drying. So, when your palace is clean, the next step will be keeping the area dry till you start the stripping. If you choose a sunny day or summer to paint the pavement or parking lot, you will get the best result. The paints will dry fast if you apply them on a sunny day.

Select The Perfect Paint 

You will have to pick quality paint for striping, and you may ask the manufacturer or the professionals about the right color for your pavement. You should consult with others whenever you want to do the painting. If you hand over the project to the experts, they will know which color will be best for your pavement. You can’t use the standard paint for the parking lot’s pavement.

It does not stick to the asphalt properly. The paint may discolor after some days. In addition, there is a painting named “high traffic paints.” It is specially made to stick to the asphalt pavements. You will find two types of paints, solvent-based and water-based. The water-based one is eco-friendly with cost-effective features, and they dry earlier too.

But the, solvent-based paints are not eco-friendly for a parking lot or pavement. Some areas have given restrictions on to use of this color. The ingredient lies in them are volatile organic compounds harmful to the environment. The solvent-based paints are long-lasting and suitable for crowded areas like roads, runaways, etc.

Create Even Lines 

If the lines of the paintings are not even or straight, the painting will look very ugly. The wavy lines will rather spoil the look of the pavement or parking lot. Here the best thing is to use a line striping machine. All the lines a line striping machine will give you will be straight and the same width. In addition, the depth of the color will be the same too. The result will make you satisfied, and it is a guarantee.

The Function of Thermoplastic Striping Material

Perhaps you have heard about thermoplastic striping material by now. To produce it, you will need a binder, filler, pigments, glass beads, etc. Some uses of thermoplastic striping materials are:

  • Pavement
  • Highway traffic
  • Mark the runway
  • Vast parking lot

It is very beneficial to use this material with regular paint. Thermoplastic striping materials will increase the long-lasting feature, durability, and reflective power in darkness. There are enough glass beads with the materials to reflect the color on the markings of any palace. You can even use them over your painting at once because you don’t have to wait till the painting is dry. But you have to do one thing: heat the materials at the right temperature before using them over the paint.

Closing Remarks

These best concrete companies Melbourne FL will know better than you when planning to paint or strip a parking lot or pavement. You may have some experience doing this kind of work. But you can get the flawless result when a professional contractor manages it. Get the best striping and help people to move safely!

By Jordan